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New to on-page SEO and how it increases your Google rankings?

We’ve created this guide to perfect on-page optimization so you can easily learn how it works, why it’s vital to business success, and how smart on-page services can boost your rankings, traffic, and conversions with minimal investment.

If you don’t structure your website in the specific way that Google’s algorithm loves (it’s very picky), then it won’t understand what you are trying to say.

The good thing is, there’s a technique for structuring your website properly so that it tells Google what to rank you for. If you do it perfectly, then there’s a good chance you’ll get to the top of Page #1!

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What is On-Page SEO?

On-page optimisation is the technique of structuring your website in the way that Google’s algorithm loves so that it ranks you higher. Unlike off-page SEO (links from other sites), on-page focuses only on the elements on your own web page that you are in direct control of. The good news for you is that this makes it WAY easier to get it 100% right.

Google’s algorithm is now solely focused on providing the best possible user experience to its users, meaning your goal is to deliver the information the searcher (your potential customer) is looking for as quickly as possible. That’s exactly what great on-page optimisation does!

The best on-page technicians take into account dozens of factors proven to increase your rankings, including how fast your site loads (site speed), the placement of your keywords and the structure of your listing on Google itself (how it appears on the search results page). Google absolutely loves perfectly optimised pages because it makes it much easier for the search engine to tell who you are, what you do and why you should be shown to the searcher. The result? Huge ranking boosts!

Our On-Page SEO Services

The old days of stuffing your page full of the right keywords are long gone. Today’s SEO is much more complex. It takes a comprehensive SEO campaign backed by creative, painstaking research to perfectly tailor a page to Google’s algorithm.

Our smart, out-of-the-box SEO services focus on QUALITY rather than QUANTITY. Instead of just showing you to random users, we design your page to be shown to the right users. Your page will appeal directly to users looking for what you are selling. This increases your conversions and rankings exponentially. The more conversions you achieve, the higher Google ranks you. That’s the value of great on-page SEO.


A simple, compelling and direct URL has proven to increase rankings and conversions. When visitors can quickly see you are the type of company they are looking for, they are more likely to click.

Title Meta

This is how your website appears on the results page (the blue letter). We’ll design a compelling title for each page designed to entice the user subconsciously to click!

Description Meta

There’s a certain trick to writing a compelling description that Google and users love. Simple, direct and concise—that’s the way we do it.

Keyword Meta

Our keyword researchers will dive deep into your traffic to reveal the juiciest keywords. From there, we insert them into the code of your site so Google knows which users to show you to.

Header Tags

Our techs will use these tags to show Google which parts of the content to emphasize the most. This lets Google show you to more visitors searching for the content on your site.

Keyword Density

There is a very nuanced ratio of keywords to content on your site. If it tilts too far to one side, you will get a penalty. To the other, and Google won’t show you to anyone. We’ll help you find the sweet spot so Google will choose your page and banish competitors to the bottom of the results.

Optimise a Page for Multiple Keywords

Let our techs crunch some numbers and determine the right ratio to rank you for multiple keywords. This gets a bit tricky. Too much and Google will only rank you for one. Not enough and it won’t rank you for any!

Schema Markup

Schema markup is the on-page SEO secret weapon. It’s a code vocab invented to help users better understand you on the SERP. We’ll make your business look great on the results page with stars, publication dates, reviews and more! All proven to provide a MAJOR boost to clicks and conversions.

Why is On Page so important in 2018?

Search engine optimization in 2018 looks nothing like it did 10 years ago. Instead of just a few simple keywords here and there, it is a complex network of factors all working in unison. To top it off, it’s constantly evolving.

Like we said before, Google is focused on showing users the best results fast. And the algorithm is much smarter than it used to be. Google can now understand semantic keywords (for example, understand that MacBook is related to computer), user intent, and a number of other intelligent rankings factors that it couldn’t before. If you don’t structure your site to deliver the information that Google and users want to see, you can’t rank.

On-page is the centre of it all. No effort you take to increase rankings will provide any value unless your site is properly structured to rank on Google. Period.

 Save thousands of dollars on links

Building links gets expensive. You could spend thousands of dollars on links and see very little return. Good on-page SEO exponentially increases the power of each link by making it easier for Google to rank you, helping you save money and get better rankings.

 Get “unstuck” from the rankings

Building links gets expensive. You could spend thousands of dollars on links and see very little return. Good on-page SEO exponentially increases the power of each link by making it easier for Google to rank you, helping you save money and get better rankings.

Avoid disastrous penalties

Once you get a Google penalty, it is extremely difficult to come back. Over-optimization will lead to tough penalties if you get caught. Our team of experts will audit your pages and make sure you are doing everything in accordance with Google’s “laws.”

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